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First Charlotte Physicians EpiCentre

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The physicians at Novant Health First Charlotte Physicians EpiCentre are internists—meaning their focus is internal medicine—and are considered primary care physicians.

Internal medicine

Internal medicine deals with preventing, detecting, and treating diseases and disorders in adult patients. That includes:

  • Routine medical exams
  • Gynecological care
  • Immunizations
  • Treatment of acute illnesses (gastrointestinal tract problems, influenza, sore throats, etc.)
  • Treatment of chronic disorders (diabetes, hypertension, allergies, stress-related disorders, etc.).

Diagnostic testing

Our physicians use the most-advanced diagnostic tools and tests. Many of these are available in our office. Learn more »».

Annual and required physical exams

In addition to annual physicals, we also offer other required physical exams such as occupational medicine exams. Learn more »».

Allergy injections

If you suffer from allergies, our allergy injection clinic and/or regular allergy injections could help lessen your symptoms. Learn more »».

Botox injections

Our office also offers Botox injections. Learn more »».

Diabetic education classes

Twice a month our physicians offer diabetic education classes to help you learn about, prevent or manage the disease. Learn more »».

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